What Family Nurse Practitioner Career Options Are Available to Me?

Getting your family nurse practitioner certification gives you the opportunity to work in a broad range of settings. Because FNPs are qualified to care for patients across the lifespan, you can choose from careers in a diverse selection of healthcare environments.

Where do FNPs most commonly work?

According to a recent study by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), the top FNP practice settings are hospital outpatient clinics, private group practices, and private physician practices.


The versatility of the family nurse practitioner designation means that you are likely to find a role off the beaten path if that is what you are looking for.

What other family nurse practitioner career options can I choose from?

While hospital outpatient clinics, private group practices, and private physician practices are the most common choices for family nurse practitioners, your unique qualifications place you in high demand in these exciting potential workplaces:

    • Community Health Centers

      Often found in low-income areas, community health centers give you a chance to serve patients who face barriers such as lack of insurance, poverty, language barriers, and more.

      Contributing to the health of an under-resourced community is rewarding, and this setting gives you a chance to treat a full spectrum of ages and health care needs.

    • Urgent Care Clinics

      In urgent care clinic is the perfect setting to hone your skills treating an array of ailments and illnesses across the lifespan. You will also have an opportunity to work with a variety of physicians and other clinicians, as urgent care clinics typically employ a rotation of staff members that can change frequently.

    • Home-Based Primary Care

      If you enjoy a frequent change of scenery, home-based primary care (HBPC) offers just that. HBPC allows vulnerable patients to receive needed treatment at home.

    • Private Practices

      In many states, FNPs can fly solo with their own practice. If you like to call the shots and be your own boss, this is an ideal opportunity.

      In a private practice, you will become an entrepreneur, where you are responsible for the business of maintaining a practice, while also building long-term relationships with patients across the lifespan, and addressing their healthcare needs. It is best to gain expertise and experience prior to pursuing private practice.

    • School-Based Health Centers

      These types of centers are often operated collaboratively in partnership with the school and a community health organization. In educational institutions, FNPs provide a full range of age-appropriate healthcare services to students where they are based. NPs can treat chronic or acute illnesses, provide health education and promotion, and case management. Many universities also operate clinics that offer these types of services.

    • Hospice

      As an FNP, you are uniquely prepared to practice in hospice settings, where terminally ill patients need both medical and emotional support during the final stage of their lives.

      You will also communicate closely with your patients’ family members, ensuring that their loved ones are properly cared for and as comfortable as possible.

Follow your passion

This list of family nurse practitioner career options is not exhaustive. In fact, the unique skill sets of an FNP are indispensable in nearly any area of healthcare, from direct patient care to policy and education and beyond. As you begin your FNP journey, there is no need to settle — the right role is out there, ready for your expertise.

Let Fitzgerald help

For FNP students, new practicing FNPs, and beyond, Fitzgerald Health Education Associates provides the resources and tools you need to accomplish your goals and sharpen your skills. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about FNP certification or continuing education options.


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